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Proactive Labor Relations in a Non-Unionized Environment
Date: April 19, 2013

One of the major challenges in human resources management is having positive employer-employee relations and maintaining industrial peace. This is crucial as the productivity and competitiveness of an enterprise is greatly affected by the absence or lack of it. When the relationship is strained, polarization develops thus hindering performance of what could be an effective unified team.

While the Constitution and the Code provides for workers’ organization, it does not prohibit enterprises from maintaining its non-union status. Through proactive management initiatives unionization may be avoided. Hence, it is imperative that employers learn how to positively and proactively manage their employees. This seminar will enable all management personnel and functional managers to deal with employees fairly as human beings without the intervention of third parties.


  • The True Meaning of Preventive Labor Relations
  • The Constitution and the Law
  • Distinction between Non-Union and Anti-Union
  • Communicating a Positive Employee Relations Policy
  • Creating a Positive/Proactive Employee Relations Environment
    • Components of a Positive Employee Relations Environment
    • Advantages of a Positive Employee Relations Environment
  • Why People Seek Union Representation
  • Understanding Personal Value Systems
  • Impact of Unionization
  • Company Early Warning System
  • How Unions Organize Employees
    • The External Organizers
    • The Internal Organizers
  • What to do When Union Knocks at the Door


  • 1 day (8 hours)

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